Top Technology Data Collection

Based on years of research, we have developed an agile solution for pavement management- pavement data collection and pavement data processing.


Our technology points out with a clear difference from the common methods in today's industry; Vias uses images to extract rutting profiles, IRI data and distress data.​​​

Our data collection system completes with multiple camera arrays, is easy to operate and is with our "Flexetup" can fit most vehicles. Using our cutting-edge 3D reconstruction technology, Vias reconstructs the pavement from the imagery collected, to extract rutting data and IRI data with high accuracy.


Access Your Data From Anywhere at Anytime

Vias' Online viewer enables you to control your project, access valuable information and extract real-time reports of pavement data, workflow status and more.

Vias' ADDC (Automatic Distress Detection and Classification) facilitates deep learning, neural networks and machine-vision to detect, classify and report pavement distresses along with many other valuable data-bits collected and analyzed- A cloud-based system, available 24/7.

Here you can witness a short demo of a real-time ADDC in action. The two short video clips feature a partial road segment on which ADDC detects and classifies several distresses.


The automated detection process can run at speeds of up to 1 frame per second and can be trained to detect numerous types of items and distresses at accuracy rates of 86% and up.


Maintenence and Engineering Out of The Box

Current PMS surveying solutions yield pavement condition reports and its distresses, but fall short of making recommendations for how to treat the pavement in order to keep its PCI score within the  required standard. Vias teamed up with pavement experts and world-known engineers to add a layer of recommendation to the survey and final reports.


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