At the early stages of developing Vias, our team at D-Vision had the pleasure of working with great establishments, providing them with pavement analysis services while testing our solution for industry demands. Here are a few supporting feedbacks;

Research team, TTI

"For distress surveys of asphalt pavements, the automated results from two vendors compared reasonably closely in ratings to the manual methods. In addition, automated ratings for jointed concrete pavement show much greater inconsistency between different distress types than for asphalt or continuously reinforced concrete pavement types. For the rut depth comparison, one vendor had more accurate rut depth measurements than the other based on the reference measurements obtained by the research team..." Download full document

Mr. Hans Harinder, CalTrans

Project Manager for project California Highway Performance Monitoring System data collection, CalTrans (65A0523):

“D-Vision’s representatives are very cooperative to work with. Your company very efficiently managed to collect and report the pavement data in time as specified in the contract…"


Mr. Dan Rozycki, The Transtec Group

President and strategic partnership program manager with Vias:

“We’ve been working with Vias for almost two years now, and we are consistently impressed with their high-quality capabilities and their excellent service.  Vias collects and analyzes data quickly and accurately, and for less money.  That’s exactly what I need."


Mr. Carl D. Rascoe, P.E., PMS Consultant

“It is my pleasure to highly recommend Vias to anyone with pavement condition assessment needs. I have worked with Vias to provide my clients with high quality and accurate pavement data and the experience has been enjoyable. In preparing a quality delivery, Vias staff have been highly responsive to modify and validate methods according to local standards and needs. Their flexibility and expert technology combined with prompt and diligent service never fail to deliver."

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